Friday, February 25, 2011

The Spelling Bee Part 2

 Thursday dawned with a chilly school delay.  Bummer. The spelling bee wasn't until the late afternoon so all was well. I arrived just after one pm and T was up on the platform. They were working through the practice rounds. T was relaxed and seemed to be enjoying herself. She grinned at me. As the first rounds started I felt so nervous for her. Actually I was a bundle of nerves for each child. The announcer would give a word and I would think "oooohhh that is a tricky one!" The kids did wonderfully. They marched up to the microphone and gave their spelling. I was so proud of all of them.  T  went 7 or 8 rounds. The word that got her? Kept. She forgot it began with a k. I didn't care! She did so wonderful. She was so graceful as she sat down. She smiled at me, her teacher, and her friends.

God is so very good. I really think I was more nervous than T. All of her nerves the night before were gone. He does that for us, you know. He equips and calms us when we need it. When I choose to turn to Him with my nerves, fears, etc. He responds with courage in the face of fear and comfort for those nerves. Just as He calmed my T and she had a wonderful experience.

Lord remind me to turn to you with my every concern - big or little.  

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