Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snowy Saturday

Today is Saturday. It is snowing. Large flakes flowing from the sky in a seeming river of white. They again cover everything. Coating the world in a blanket of whiteness. Looking out my window the world seems quiet and serene.

Inside, the Admiral is scrapping down a popcorn ceiling. The girls are playing clubs. One club in the mid living room and one in their bedroom. It has been discovered that fitted sheets make excellent tents.   I have written birthday greetings to my great aunt and puttered around with stuff.

I sit and watch the snow fall I find contentment.  So much of life is striving for the next goal, the next thing. This week, God through nature, slowed us down. Two snow days, two school delays, radical changes of my plans.

We had a blessed time together, my girls and I, on those two snow days. Legos, piano, friends, books, princesses, & barbies. On top of all that I got stuff done. I will talk about that more in tomorrow's post.

Friends, slow down. There is sooo much "urgent" in our lives. Slow down and play with the Legos. Choose to be content. The urgent will be there tomorrow.

Thank You Father for the slow down.

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