Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Changes and babysteps

A new year... The theme of the moment, I am sure. It is fun to think of starting anew. A new year is a fresh beginning, a chance to re-work your self and your systems.  Like the beginning of the school year, we restructure our lives repeatedly throughout each year.  So New Years for me involves looking over the fall and summer and deciding what I need to adjust or change.

We have decided that the time has come for our girls to have their own rooms. This will facilitate different bedtimes. Which I am praying will help the not sleeping problem.  Of course anytime you make a decision to change one thing.... You have to change twenty things. Beds, paint, storage organization, bedding. What an adventure... All to change one kiddo's bedtime. It will be good. When we get there.

We have committed ourselves to this big change that has been in process for a long time. I feel overwhelmed. Then today I was reminded that some amazing things are accomplished  by  little steps. Kat over at Inspired to Action wrote today about the downside of radical. This time of year we tend to go radical instead of taking baby steps in our changes. This hit me like a ton of bricks. I get all grandiose in my goals and then, pitch them out the window because they seem impossible. A classic biter off of more than she can chew. So as I evaluate and look toward the New Year, I find myself looking at tiny, baby step changes I can make and maintain. Here, today, I am making public my personal baby-steps for January.

#1 I choose to be aware of my portion sizes at meals.
#2 regular bi-weekly exercise
#3 planning my work, working my plan - having a plan for each week

Please pray for me as I work to implement my baby steps toward New Year's changes and goals.

"Inch by inch, Life is a cinch. Yard by yard, it's very hard." The Million Dollar Cat


P.J.M. said...

I'm praying for you. As I know you do for me. Thanks for the perspective. When we have a glimpse of where we'd like to be with life goals, it's very easy to try to take a huge jump with the new year- only to miss the goal and feel like we're starting over. Looking back at the marks I missed last year, and understanding why, I think this years goals will be successful baby steps toward the greater plan. I hope that yours are too.

Krista said...

I love Kat. she inspires me to action in a very practical way.

All the best in your baby steps.