Friday, September 28, 2012

Vacation Day One

We are now home from vacation and settling back into our routine. I am getting pictures and my journal processed enough to share with you. Enjoy!


9/7 -8  Vacation is here yippee and hooray! 

Miss T snoozing
Pixie woke bright and early!

We did something a little different this  trip and I think I liked it! We left home late evening and drove through night taking turns. The girls slept most of the way and were not as worn out or grumpy as usual when we arrived.  I like travelling and arriving early day or mid day instead of late. This meant we had time for an adventure before dinner as well. 

There was a wonderful sunrise as we drove through Virginia. We arrived in Kill Devil Hills North Carolina in time for lunch with our friends. Then we hit the beach!

The ocean always amazes me. I live my life day to day and pretty much feel confident in my own ability to handle 80% of what life throws at me. Then I visit the ocean. It takes my breath away to watch God's creation and know that the ocean's awe inspiring power is minor is the face of Almighty God. This humbles me. our friend Larry and I braved the waves, but not for very long. The surf was rough and roiling. The girls played in the waves rolling up the beach. There is a small beach bird that I found out later is called a Sanderling. We called him a "hurry, hurry bird." When the waves would recede he would run down the beach and drive his beak in the sand over and over looking for food. When the next wave would crash in the little bird would turn and hurry, hurry away up the beach so as not to get caught by the wave. He was so much fun to watch. I will write more on him later. Returning from the beach we found that Grandma and PapPap had arrived YAY! We helped them unpack and then went for a beach walk. The girls and Grandma returned with lots of fun shells.

What a great way to start vacation!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


     It has been roughly five months since you've heard from me. I was shocked when I looked and saw how long it had been. So my apologies dear friends. Yet, as I listened to my pastor last Sunday preaching about rest, I realized it had been a very busy spring and summer. I've needed the rest, now I'm ready to begin.  We have rolled through some serious challenges, through it all God keeps meeting us where we are and carrying us through. So this period of respite has been busy, calming, and yes even restful.

     Returning from my writing respite finds us headed out on our family vacation. In fact I am writing this on my Droid as the Admiral drives to the sounds of Beauty and the Beast. This app that lets me write on my phone is pretty cool. This the first time I've tried it. The rain is cascading down creating a soothing cadence with the wipers. I'm reveling in having finished ninety-eight percent of the laundry, all the dishes, and the fact that my house is reasonably neat. It will be welcoming when we arrive home again.

     I feel a little strange beginning to write again now as opposed to after vacation or three weeks ago when we started our school year. But there is no time like the present. God has taught me much this year about rest, trust, and listening. I cannot wait to share my stories.

    We began our homeschool year in late August. It has been a very good three weeks. The girls have grown so much. Pixie is reading everything she can get her hands on and T is reading a lot and creating her own compositions on the piano almost every week. I was/am so excited about our homeschool this year. Last year I think I was too nervous to be excited. This time I am much more relaxed. I am also more confident with a year under my belt. I'm looking forward to sharing our adventures with you.

    Over this week I plan to write a bit about our adventures during the past five months as well as chronicle our vacation. Upon our return home I think my goal would be to post to you 2x per week. That could be a tall order. Yet I think it is a good goal. I am asking for you to let me know what you think, give me feedback, and most of all keep me accountable to the goal. In advance- Thank You.