Monday, May 9, 2011

Time flies...

( started April 19th)

Spring break was here.

Now it is gone.

The week since spring break is gone too.


(You know, I always thought my mother was a little daft when she talked about how fast time moves as you get older. I was wrong, it really does go by like a speeding locomotive! Sorry Mom!)

I have lots of exciting things going on in my world. They make a little nervous (or a lot nervous, since I keep bringing the nerves up), but they also excite me. As I look to the coming summer and school year.... I want to be organized.  I want to have a system I can maintain to be a woman of Faith, Mother, Wife, teacher, and business woman. Because of this I am researching, digging, sorting, cleaning out, and organizing.

Researching home school curricula and business plans. Digging and sorting through old papers and my personal clutter. Mentally cleaning out spaces to figure out the future plan. And then...


I last published on 4/21/11. Life has been so wild. I am so glad for the flexibility of my life. Meetings to set up structure for the new business are flowing. We are almost there. Our goal is to have our structure in place before school is out mid-June. Pray we get this established.  We are also currently working on projects that need attention. I will post about the business in a few days and fill you in all the fun details.

Through this process I have been so thankful for God's continuous grace to me. Also thankful for His strength and vision to see this through. Time flies past me. Sometimes I feel like I cannot maintain the struggle to keep up with the flow. The hope of a new future keeps me looking forward as I seek His guidance for these new ventures He is leading me toward. Where is God leading you today? What dreams is He scaring you with? Where will you follow him before time flies away?


tumbleweedgirl said...

i'm curious, intrigued. it's also interesting to see how others we know are considering homeschooling.

we are too. i can't wait to hear more! miss you!

(you're still my role model when it comes to the Wife, Mother kinds of things around the house)

Kyle said...

You have a huge task ahead of you when you take on home schooling! As a former public school teacher I am always concerned about the interaction of homeschooled kids with other children, but given the fact that yours have already attended public school, and are active at reenactments, I don't think there will be a problem. It takes a lot of courage and committment to take your kids out of public school and then provide them with a quality education. And you are not bound by regulated hours, which will open up lots of opportunities for all of you!

Caite said...

@ Kyle
My kids are incredibly social and the face of homeschooling is much different that even when I was a kid. I Think The girls will thrive in this environment. They are excited because they will be able to engage in more activities. They haven't been in public school but private but it will still be an adjustment.

Caite said...

@Rhys - *BLUSH* I love you and You are sweet. Not sure i am up to being a role model. :)

Janet Rose said...

As you prepare for homeschooling, remember that it's just like any other personal choice you make...make it work for you (and Matt) and your girls. Take "advice" with a grain of salt. Let the doubts and comments of others slide off you like you are covered in Rain X. And, mostly, follow God's leading no matter what the crowd is doing. He won't guide you wrong.
These words come from a homeschool mom of 2. It's an exciting world...and not an unsocialized one at all if you don't allow it to be. Just sayin'...

Caite said...

Thanks Janet
Your inspiration is part of this decision! :)