Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Focus, focus, focus

I ended my last post with "Lord give me focus." The idea of focus requires two basic things... a subject and concentration. Why am I addressing this? Well as I was catching up on the blogs I read, God used Oh Amanda to zing me.

I mean serious ZING!!!!! Her post is about being in the moment.

Elizabeth Elliot is quoted saying " Wherever you are, be ALL there" (emphasis mine)

Amanda also quoted this. The reminder is ouchie. As in "Ouch, I needed to hear that and apply it in my life." I am always trying to do 2 -3  things at once and getting none of them done well. I need to be more focused. God wants all of me. Not what is left while I am making dinner, helping with homework and coaching piano from afar.  Even now as I write this I feel pulled in a couple different directions.

So are you living in the moment? Engaging fully in each event, each part of your day? Are you drifting? Or Bouncing from thing to thing, trying to do everything?


I have learned the  power of this word. It packs a huge impact - on my life, my sanity, my family. It is acceptable to tell the world no. It is acceptable to say "No, I cannot chair every committee there is." It is ok to take time to pray. It is good to seek the Lord for what you should and shouldn't take on. By choosing carefully and cautiously what you will engage in you can have the energy to be fully in each moment.

Many many of my friends have chosen a theme for their year. I think I have found mine.


Choose to be in all in each moment.  Thanks Amanda, I needed the zing.

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