Tuesday, June 9, 2015

That Moment

The time is 2:25pm.

In my immediate vicinity there is silence.

It is That Moment.

That moment when school work is mostly completed.

Some chores have been accomplished.

Everyone here has had lunch (a major accomplishment).

MJ is in her crib at least if not sleeping.

The chattering Pixie has been released to go read or do whatever it is she does when not doing chores, schoolwork etc.

T is practicing piano on her keyboard, with a headset.

I am....
                   in the silence,

                                  knowing that there is more to be done,

                                                     relishing that for this moment I can just be.

I find it so intriguing that even though I am an extrovert, The Moment, gives me such pleasure.  The Moment refreshes and boosts me through the rest of the day.  Not every day has a Moment, but I am so blessed by those that do.