Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December happenings.....

December has come and mostly gone since I have last written. Which isn't to say God didn't teach me anything in the last four weeks. The hiatus is due mostly to my  unwillingness to sit and reflect on those lessons. Perhaps unwillingness is too harsh a word. Perhaps I should say that in my busy-ness I wasn't making time to reflect. I always tell myself I  will plan better. I will work the plan and the holidays will not be a time of stress. This year I chose to forgo somethings I normally do. But we added a few things. It was inevitable with both girls in school now.  The Lesson has become for me enjoying what we choose to work on and do and letting go of the things that stress us. Below is a bit of a recap of our December... realizing that we had a wonderful, busy and above all blessed month. 

December opened with a return home from Thanksgiving in Chicago. On Monday December 7th Love Bug auditioned for the spring musical - "The Beauty & The Beast". Followed very quickly by the girl's all school holiday concert on Friday. Love Bug's choir sang "O come little children" and "The Friendly Beasts" . She sang the 3rd verse of "The Friendly Beasts" as a solo. She did a wonderful job. I am so amazed by her ability. Bright One's choir sang "Away in the Manger" & "We wish you a merry Christmas."  She did wonderful. Sunday The girl's took part in AUMC's holiday program.  I spent that afternoon working on the "Sparkle Shop" for school before heading to rehearsal for the Christmas ensemble at FMC . I wasn't feeling very well. Upon arriving home after rehearsal I had the chills and a very sore throat. By Monday morning it was obvious I wasn't going to get to help with the Sparkle Shop. A few panicked  calls and I had parents willing to cover me at the school. The Admiral took me to the doc and it turned out I had tonsillitis. I was out of commission for almost a week. During which the Parent fellowship parents ran the "Sparkle shop" for the school's elementary kids to buy gifts for their parents. It was a smashing success. We also did a teacher / staff appreciation lunch at the school in early Dec.Thankfully the tonsillitis cleared up enough for me to sing with the ensemble on Dec 20th. I had so much fun. I really enjoy singing and being part of a group. December 23rd we packed the car and headed for Pennsylvania to celebrate the season with our loved ones there. God is so good and I am grateful for His gifts in our lives.


PS Love Bug was given a part in the chorus ensemble of the musical and is super excited about it!