Friday, November 26, 2010

On the Journey...

Today we celebrate Thanksgiving. Our annual celebration of our blessings. I am rejoicing to be with my parents, aunt, uncle & grandmother. We do not often get the chance to all be together. I am so Thankful that my girls have the opportunity to know my grandmother. Great - grandmother is 94 and growing shorter with each passing month. She enjoys watching the girls play and hearing about our lives. Bright One did a short vocal concert for everyone after lunch. It was a blessing.

One of the things I am most thankful for is my daughters. They amaze me. The things they learn and connect are sometimes unexpected. They argue and bicker which makes me crazy. Then occassionally they surprise me with wonderful caring for each other. On the journey to my folks we had a wonderful moment that showed me just what big girls they are becoming. We were approximately halfway into our journey when we stopped for dinner at an O'Charley's restaurant. Dinner was very yummy. We had just finished our meal when Bright One decided that she should try the restroom before resuming our journey. Love Bug said "I'll take her!"  So off they went to use the restroom. The Admiral and I finished up our meals and paid the bill. When a small amount of time passed, I realized I should probably go and assist Bright One with reaching the rather high counter to wash her hands. Upon entering the rest room the sight that met my eyes left me speechless with delight. First I heard them singing rousingly "5 little Monkeys, Jumping on the bed!" Then I saw them. Bright One precariously balanced on her elbows washing her hands. Her feet tucked under her sister's arms and straight out behind her. Love Bug held Bright One's feet up wheelbarrow race style. They had solved the problem and were enthusiastically singing with all the joy that goes with a trip to grandma's and dinner out. I quickly left, laughing outright once I was out of range.

I was so delighted with their ingenuity and joy. I am thankful for these precious girls.

Lord God give me your eyes to see my daughters as you see them. Give me wisdom as I work with their father to raise them to know and trust you. Remind me often of their wonderful uniqueness!

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