Wednesday, November 17, 2010

just be

In 7 days we will pilgrimage to the east. We will travel late, arrive late and rise early to watch the traditional Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Sleepily piling into my parents TV room to take in the balloons and preforming marching bands from across the country. We will partake in a multitude of traditions and indulgences (can I just say - Ice Box Cake)  Thanksgiving is a time to just be. Counting our blessings and enjoying the gathering of family. I love the traditions and the relaxed atmosphere of the holiday. I am counting down to the ridiculously silly card games, amazing food that I cannot replicate - only mom can make it taste right, little girls and crazy puppy-dogs. I am so thankful for the coming holiday, an island of peace in the midst of life.

As you make your own pilgrimage or prepare to receive pilgrims to your own home be mindful of the opportunity to just be. The chance to love on each other, enjoying games and silliness, comes so rarely. Set aside disagreement, agendas, and cherish being family!

Lord help me to relax about the details and take this holiday as it comes, enjoying the process and loving on my family.

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