Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gratitude Community

holy experience

I have decided to join the Gratitude Community and blog here on Mondays about my gifts. Here is a link:


God has been so very good and when times feel thin taking stock of His gifts helps me to trust Him for the future. Worry frequently tries to take over my mind and soul. Intentional thankfulness protects me against the attack of worry. So here is my Monday list today.

#1 Friends
#2 A Barista who goes the extra mile
#3 Baby faces that show when the little girl is sleeping
#4 Sandwich meat in the refrigerator for a fallback
#5 Ephesians
#6 The beat up ancient afghan that is so warm when I want to curl up in a ball.
#7 Admiral hugs
#8 unexpected gift cards
#9 holiday plans
#10 Hidden gift boxes, filled throughout the year
#11 ridiculous giggles from the back seat.

More next Monday

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