Friday, November 12, 2010

A few of my favorite things

giggles in the morning
silliness at breakfast
sunrises over the city
tall grins
new shoes
joyful songs sung at random from the backseat
messes left from surprise craft projects
small socks
colorful blobs of uncertain design giving with 'I love you, mom!'
soft smiles
second hugs
dinner in crockpot
perseverance through handwriting trials
Christmas carols hesitantly played
laughter in the coffee shop
tangles of cords 
empty spaces on horizontal surfaces
pencil drawings that tell extensive stories explained by a 7 yr old
creative overflow
new shirts
giant floppy dogs
blue - all colors of blue
new pillows
lovely little ticklish toes
baby otters
talks with Mom

1 comment:

P.J.M. said...

Time alone. Time with family and friends. Time to write for as long as I want. "I love you daddy" on paper hearts. Random singing from my little girl. My Sunday Lunch-Bunch. Hot drinks on a cold day. The color green. My morning praise-prayer-drive on my commute to work. Play by plays as my daughter narrates her every move- sometimes this one is annoying, but sometimes it is funny. Depends on my mood... which needs adjustment at times.

Thank you for the reminder to appreciate the simple pleasures.