Monday, October 19, 2009

Miracles Anyone?

As you may have guessed from the first post, my father had a major heart attack Friday night. He is doing very well thanks to some amazing miracles. He was in a public place. There was an EMT & an RN in said public place. The ambulance arrived in 2 minutes from the call. Doctors have told us that if he had not been given care so quickly this could have been fatal. What a miracle.. he could have been driving .. in fact he had planned to but didn't have the strength to close the car door. There are so many things for which to be thankful.

God is challenging me... Why do I wait for a crisis to look for a miracle? As I prayed through the night waiting for the outcome God was there holding me, reminding me of His bigness. In the light of day Saturday I began thinking of the miracles that had saved my daddy's life and how there are miracles each and every day. But I must choose to acknowledge them. Do you look for the miracles in each day. I don't mean to be vapid or simple. But do you look? I haven't been. But what joy when I do. How cared for I am! What treasure I must be that God would orchestrate so many little miracles...

Father God, Open my eyes. Lead me to look. Nudge me to be aware of your hand in my life... daily... hourly, moment to moment.


Peggi Billman said...

Beth Moore has said that God allows the crises in life because He misses us! When I heard that, I said "ouch"! Because at the time I was there - now I look for Him every day. And, I even miss the crises because its then I can see His mighty powerful gentle hand at work the most!

barefootRhys said...

i'm glad to hear that your dad is doing ok! we will keep praying for him. and it's nice to see your writing.

miss you