Monday, October 26, 2009

Being Unexpected

I love the look on people's faces when I say one of my hobbies is shooting black powder cannons. I love the "wiiisss....BOOM!" The rhythm of the commands and drill of firing brings comfort as you pace through the drill. No matter what is going on elsewhere in my life we work as a team on the artillery crew. The trust that must build as we work together can be unexpected too. This weekend was fun because the Admiral and I taught a gunner's course. Three new gunner's for our crews. Spending a day team teaching this courses was an unexpected pleasure. We are a good team. Reaching out to train people to be safe and experience the thrill of the cannons was very rewarding.

Being unexpected should be a way of life for us. Otherwise we fall into ruts of sameness in our lives. When everyday is lived in the same patterns and habits. Routine is important but so is breaking free of the routine and reaching out to touch someone else in new way. Sometimes we are the ones whose soul is touched. As a child of God do I show my love and faith in the same old boring way? Do I live my faith in an unexpected way? So that those who wouldn't ever look for God might see Him in me because I choose to be unexpected?

God Lead me to be obedient when you nudge me even if the course is unexpected.

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