Monday, October 12, 2009

The Journey Continues....

Hello! I am Caite, wife, mother, daughter, sister, searcher, planner, messy housekeeper, learning to listen, growing, and most of all, hungry for God. I decided I needed an outlet and place to tell the story of our journey. Life is, you know, Life is a journey. A series of moving forward, of stepping aside to explore or rest, of pushing through when you just don't want to continue. A cascade of places and sightings, of joyous mountain tops and quiet valleys, of dark hurting places and bright happy places. A journey. I titled this chronicle "Whisper to the wind..." because for now it is for me to share what ever. I have no major purpose other than to outlet and share with those who love us. I do not want to teach you something as you read... unless God chooses to use my words to quicken something in you. So let the Journey continue... one day at a time.

Today is the first Monday after a large event I helped to plan. Events tend to consume me. I should work to make a balance between "the thing" and my home and family. I am improving. On the other hand I am doing loads of laundry today to catch up on the past month. I also resumed my workout "plan" today. Plan is a loose description. I haven't met with a trainer or spent lots of money coming up with a plan. However I am committing myself to regular workouts and tracking my eating again. I want to be a healthy and fun Momma, not a fat, tired and sick one. Over the course of planning "the thing" I discovered today that I have gained 8 pounds. Not how i wanted to start the school year. But today is the first day of the rest of the journey... and I can take those 8 pounds off if I am diligent and wise with my eating.

Father, give me wisdom in my eating. help me want to be diligent in my exercise. Thank you Lord that you designed us such amazing machines to work on the fuel you provide. Lord lead me to be a steward of this body that I would see it as you do. Thank you Father.

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