Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Day with No Agenda...

The journey we are on is filled with so much... STUFF. Planning, running, scheduling, doing, wondering what to plan, and moving stuff - it goes on and on, overwhelming me/us. I like to plan. Then execute the plan. I like to make a list and cross things off of it. I like to think it helps organize me. What is the plan for my trip to my folks? There isn't one. Just be together. Last evening I was chatting with the Admiral, letting him know I had arrived at my parents safely and hearing about the girls' evening etc. He said to me at one point... "I hope you don't have an agenda while you are there." I thought well of course there is an agenda... nothing gets done without one. But then I realized he meant no agenda to talk (read: lecture) at my Dad about caring for himself better. I thought for a moment and responded that I had no intention of doing anything more than being with Dad for 2 days.

The conversation got me thinking how often we (read: I) have an agenda to cover in most encounters. We so seldom just be. Prayer is like that. We go to prayer with a list for God. Please fix this. please touch them. please... please... How rarely we enter our time with God to just be with God, To just be in the moment listening and hearing, experiencing. It is rare that I make time to just be with Abba Father like I am making time to just be with my Daddy. So My challenge is... "just be" for 20 minutes today. "Just be" with savior God. Focus on Him don't focus on the devotional or the people you've promised to lift in prayer... Just Be. Let your mind and heart be open to Him. Let me know what you experience if you like.

Abba God, Meet me in these moments, teach me to be in the moment with you not only covering an agenda with you.

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