Monday, January 10, 2011

In the Moment...

A time of quiet. Sunday afternoon. Time to wrap up in ones own thoughts and ideas without disturbance from siblings. Sunday afternoon quiet. Moments of bliss.

One draws, curled up in an over stuffed chair, while her ipod rocks the tunes. The other colors  in the dining room. I sit down to write. Soon I hear a little pixie voice...
"Sing Pra-a-aise to the Father,
Sing Pra-a-aise to the Son,
Sing Pra-a-aise to the Spirit, who 
ma-a-a-a-a-kes us one."
My small one is coloring away to her own score and script that only she knows. My heart bursts. I watch from afar, her sister is enveloped in her own thoughts, as Pixie gives her mind and tongue over to the praise of the God she is only just beginning to know deeper.

I celebrate quietly within. Yet I know. I know I am not always the example I should be. I know there is so much to impart. I plead, 
"Lord ! Let me a vessel worthy to raise them to hunger for you. 
Please, Papa God. Lead me to show them the way to you."

The blessings hidden in quiet time. His peace pours over me like a waterfall of love. He  reaches into my soul.
"Dear one - I love them more than you can imagine.
I'll equip you for the job I have called you to."

I do not need to be perfect. I need His equipping to be the parent They need. I must trust Him to be my guide. I will choose to hum along ... In the Moment.

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