Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baking Day 2010

The annual cookie project usually involves me baking at any given opportunity from November 1 up until the week of Christmas. I give the cookies to friends, neighbors,and co workers. They have become our way of loving on these folks at the holidays.
I got a little behind in production over the course of November.  I got to thinking it would be fun to get a lot done all in one day. I spoke with the secretary at church about using the kitchen there, reasoning that 3 sinks and 2 ovens would lead to bigger production. So I reserved the church kitchen and invited some friends to join me. Now the difficulty with using the church kitchen is: Is it stocked with bowls, measuring cups, and scrapers, etc.?  Not typically. Having never used this facility before I chose to pack my own tools to cut down one the hunting for tools while trying to get much accomplished.

The girls and I arrived at 9:20 and took about 20 minutes to unpack tools and ingredients. Organizing a bit to simplify the process I sent the girls to wash up and then we began. Love Bug is in charge of Rice Krispie treats and Bright One starts Honey Oat Jumbles. Both recipes are no bakes and I am able to help them both while allowing them a good deal of autonomy. I loved watching them take ownership. Following the Rice Krispie treats, Big Girl began some Oatmeal Scotchies... but soon got distracted. Her sister joined her in running the halls while I cleaned the first round of mixing bowls. 

Not long into this process my wonderful friend,(whom I will refer to as T) arrived with her 5 recipes and I looked at my list of 25 recipes and realized I MAY have bitten off more than I could chew. The children ran the hallways, stopping periodically to "help". T set her stuff up and began her first recipe.  Soon it was 12:30pm and I felt like I had accomplished very little. The Admiral arrived to collect my girls and give them some daddy time. I kept at it and soon W, another terrific friend, showed up with her daughter.  They went to work. We all jammed out to music and baked and baked and baked. Did I mention that we baked? T left around dinner time. W & I kept at it and finally cleaned up and left around 9:45.

The Results? 7 dz Rice Krispie treats (3 flavors), Rum Raisin cookies 6 dz, Mint - Mint Choc cookies 3.5 dz , Oatmeal Raisin 5.5 doz, Honey Oat Jumbles 3 dz, Oatmeal Scotchies 5.5, Caramel- Heath drops 2.5 dz, Caramel Heath w/ Apple bits 3 dz, Carrot - Molasses 3 dz, Entire bag of Pretzel twists covered in chocolate & Entire bag of Pretzel rods, AND Gingerbread dough made.

IT was a hugely productive day. I overdid it. I was worn out completely. But I got tons done!I am so thankful to my friends who are willing to jump into the deep end with me!

The Army of Gingerbread People

Update: Since The 11th of December I have dipped 2 more bags of pretzels, made 2 more batches cheerio crunchies, and baked the gingerbread cookies. 


This day of work was a huge blessing. I got a lot done in a smaller amount of time. I made some fun memories with the girls and my friends. I have lots of goodies to give.

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Darla said...

Wow, you really got a lot accomplished. Great Job! Love your Gingerbread Army. :)