Saturday, January 8, 2011

Does this have eterenal value?

Does this have eternal value?

I wrote that title down months ago. I keep passing by the page it is written on in my journal. I think that I do not really want to face this idea. The idea makes me uncomfortable. If I evaluate my activities by the standard of: "Does this have eternal value?" or "What is the eternal value in this?" I see I spend a lot of energy on activities that do nothing for the kingdom or the world.  I want to do what I want to do. I like playing solitaire or other computer games. I like reading frivolous novels. But what value do these activities have? Our society spends an incredible amount of our time doing things that do not seem to have eternal value.  How do I prioritize my actions, my to do list? So many things on my to do list are things that further my desire for a better, nicer, more comfortable life. I am not wholly focused on an eternal kingdom. I admit it. I hear myself saying "I am hungry for God. I am faith focused." Really? When I am playing silly FB games ad nauseum how is that eternally focused? When I read novel for the 4th time how does that deepen my faith?  At least crafting or scrapbooking is creating something.
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This is a struggle for me. Guilt pours across my consciousness. I think carefully about what the Lord would have me doing. Through months of struggling with this and ignoring it by turn, I find myself realizing that "frivolous things" can be engaged in without guilt. IF. If my assigned tasks are completed. If I have spent time with the Lord. If I do not let the frivolous overtake the purposes God has assigned to me. Likewise weighing the things I choose to do by the eternal value needs to be a daily occurrence. Daily seeking God's guidance for His will for my activities.  I cannot take on every need, no matter how noble or necessary. I must choose based on the Father's directions.

Lord help me look to you for guidance. Help me to seek activities of eternal value as you lead me forward. Lead me to work diligently so that my tasks are completed first.

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Chuck said...

I hear what you're saying, and you say it well...

But I'd add that He took 1/7th of His time off. That rest and recreation (good word, that) is not something I do only after my eternal work is done, but is in fact of equal priority to anything else I might be doing.

I wonder what He did on His day off?