Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day

Some days school is canceled. Why? Well Tuesday the roads were treacherous. 4+inches of snow fell and lots of accidents occurred. The prediction of more snow led to a snow day Wednesday.

How did we spend this windfall of time together? We were complete bums.

The three of us stayed in our jammies until well after noon. We read books, laughed, watched Extreme Home Makeover, giggled and were generally irresponsible with our time. We did manage to put away some folded laundry. I think it ended up in the correct drawers.

Eventually we ate lunch and practiced piano.

Then we bundled up and headed out for adventure. A hill of some sort was needed so off to the college where the soccer field is cut out of a knoll resulting in fabulous mid level sliding.  I was thinking we would be there, oh, maybe 30 minutes. An hour later we had a mom popsicle and girls having the time of their lives. A wonderful memory.

Are you making memories with your babies? I have the tendency to get so wrapped up in the things that have to get done - the homework, piano, laundry, and dinner. I forget to make memories and this snow day gave me the opportunity to really focus on doing just that.

Scripture tells us children are a blessing and a gift. I know that. I love my kids but I also find myself frustrated with their kid-ness. Why can they not do their own laundry especially if they are going to change clothes 3 times every day? What is purpose of  the piano practice if you are going to get up 35 times in 30 minutes? I exaggerate. However there are days my brain overloads and I feel this way.

Then God gives me a snow day.


tumbleweedgirl said...

what a good idea, and a perfect snow angel to remind me that i need to do the same! i should make angels in the snow and play more.

Krista said...

Love it. great reminder. now if I could just see about getting us a little snow...

P.J.M. said...

Now I'm missing snow. But I'd never wish it on Oklahoma. Thanks for the reminder- kids can be frustrating just being kids, but kids are also wonderfully fun if we let ourselves appreciate and join them in their kidness. And refreshing- we tend to take our grown-up selves a bit to seriously sometimes. ;)