Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Gift Moment

I sit today waiting to pick up my kids from school. I am living in a gift moment. A 20 minute window of time that is too short to go shopping in, too short to make going home worthwhile, and too long to feel efficient.

I am early.

Now, as those of you who know me personally check the sky for cracks since I am never early, I am cherishing the silence of my car. The radio is off. The wipers are off. The engine hums. The heat wooshes at a soft steady pace. I am watching the snow falling. It is swiftly rendering the windshield opaque. For now, I am ok with that.

Yesterday school closed due to ice on the roads. Part of me was thrilled. Most of me, however, struggled with the disruption to my the plan. Pixie is fighting tummy trouble was also not in my the plan. It makes her cry. I cannot help her. I can only pray for her. It doesn't feel adequate in the face of my child's pain. It is a virus we just have to get through. My grand plans to love on the Admiral in his love language were scuttled. My dreams of a fun day sabotaged. Late, late dinner. Messy kitchen. Hurting baby. I fall apart as the evil one says - "See! You really stink at this whole wife thing. What kind of Mom are you? Why don't you help the little one while she hurts?"

I buy it.

That was yesterday.

From the clear perspective of a new day, I can see where the whispers came from. I can rebuke them in the name of Christ. Pixie is still hurting, but improving. The Admiral stayed home with her today so I can keep today's appointments. I am blessed. The chili for Sunday is cooking. The cake for Saturday's party is baked. My amazing husband works on laundry when his computer is compiling.  Now I find myself enveloped in silence.

A gift.

Nothing I should be doing. No tasks to get done. Twenty minutes to sit and be with Jesus.

I sit.          I listen.         I pray.            I calm.

"Thank you Lord for a gift moment. Thank you for helping grasp it to the fullest. Your blessings overwhelm. A time alone with no job or task. 
Time just to be."   

Look back, Friends, at the week past. Do you see them? The gift moments the Father sprinkles into your days. Did you see it while you were in the moment? Tell me about your last gift moment from heaven.

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P.J.M. said...

Weekday work mornings I have a sort-of gift-moment built into my schedule. I have a 30+ minute drive to work 4 days a week. I don't enjoy driving and especially not highway driving, but I have to get to work each day. One morning a couple years ago I was upset with God for not answering a prayer. His response was that I wasn't listening for an answer, and pushed me to turn the radio off. Since that day my radio has been off for the morning ride to work. The first 15 minutes on the Interstate I offer up some quick Thank-Yous and sing praises, then on the peaceful state road for the next 15- I pray, or keep quiet, or continue singing- but I try to be sensitive to whatever God might be speaking back to me, and be responsive to God. This week he gave me a song- parts of it had started months ago, but it came back fuller this week and I finally wrote it down- posted it to my blog today.

Those times when we are captive. In the car for 20 to 30 minutes, waiting for a child in a sport or activity or whatever- What great times to remember we are not alone, and spend some quality time with The One who is always there loving us.