Sunday, February 7, 2010

Walking through...

The last week has been a tremendous time of needing to trust. The girl's school is in a financial crisis. Saving the school will take God's provision. The press has not told the whole story and has done some damage with what they have written. Some families feel betrayed. I don't. I cannot imagine being administration and trying to figure out when and how much to share. Many are looking backwards and trying to blame. This has me frustrated. While it is true knowing how we got here will help us not go here again, We need to be praying, working, and moving forward. Satan's attack has been many faceted and thorough. I am so amazed at how little things become mountains. People go into a tailspin over details that should be insignificant. The deceiver wheedles his way into hearts and minds. This causes distrust, communication failure, anger, unprofessional actions, and a host of other problems. I have been asked why I haven't withdrawn my kids. Why we have chosen to stay and fight for this place? The short of it is...withdrawing my kids and giving up on the school would be, for me, the easy way out. I cannot walk that path. I must fight. I must work. I am praying for restoration. Praying for wisdom and guidance. No it is not about me. But it is about obedience, Obeying what we believe God is leading us to do. I beg for your prayers. Pray for Bright One & Love Bug as some of their friends move on to other schools. Pray for wisdom for the Admiral and I. Pray for guidance and wisdom for the administration of the school. Lastly Pray for our teachers, they minister daily to our children at all levels through this time of uncertainty, pray for them to lean on God's provision for their grace, stamina, and physical needs.

In all this God is showing me that He is big enough to walk us through trial. Each day God is enough. Whether or not the school survives God is enough and God will care for us. My job is to keep walking in obedience. Keep walking.

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