Sunday, February 14, 2010

Prayer and Perseverance

The week progressed past the initial parent meeting at the girl's school. I have been working with a dedicated group of parents on fund raising for funds to help pay all those little incidentals as well as looking toward bigger events to help get the school back surer footing.  I like the planning and executing. I am amazed at the education I am getting. The amount of money needed seems insurmountable. The number makes my head spin.... yet there is hope. Things keep chipping away at the big number... and slowly but surely the number is coming down. God IS big enough. Miracles are happening. What a wonderful lesson for the children and ourselves. Prayer and perseverance will get us through no matter what happens.

This second week was interesting the mood at the school lightened a bit. There was an atmosphere of moving forward and trusting for God's provision. Then today in Sunday school they played an audio of a christian comedian and speaker. He said if he ever gets one minute what would he say : "learn to smile while you talk." That is his one piece of advice. I found it so applicable is our life right now. What a good way to lighten the mood and lift spirits. So pray, persevere, and smile while you talk. God will care for the details.

Allow me, Lord, to persevere. Remind me, Father, to pray always. Help me, Adonai, to rejoice in all things, giving thanks for every situation, Help me to smile while I speak.


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