Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WE FORGOT TO PRAAAAY!!!....!!!!!......

Yes. It was said at the top of Bright One's lungs. Yes, We did forget. Yes, it was sweet to know my girls consider it significant to be sure to end the day with prayer. Prayer is a huge part of my faith and my life. It is a tremendous privilege to get to pray with Bright One and Love Bug on a daily basis.

Tonight we did our bedtime routine and then I read them Love Bug's library book since it was due tomorrow. After reading the Admiral and I kissed, hugged, and tucked them into bed and left. I had been downstairs about 3.4 minutes when this earsplitting scream rent the air. Momentarily I thought someone was being murdered in the girl's room.  I came to the bottom of the stairs and hollered "What's wrong?!?! Are you ok?"  Bright One replied " WE FORGOT TO PRAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! .....!!!!!! WE NEED TO PRAY!!!!!!!" Whimpering and crying "MAMA WE GOT TO PRAAAYY!!!!" One would think that I would be able to climb the stairs in the amount of time it took her to inform me in this fashion.  Especially when you consider Bright One's skill at making the word pray a multi syllable word. I raced up the stairs and opened the door. Where upon Bright One continued her tyrade at slightly more normal decibels. " Yes Love, we need to pray; calm down.You do not need to cry. Mama is glad you remembered so we can pray together."

When did you last lament over forgetting to finish your day with the Father? As I looked back upon this small incident I was struck by how often my focus is more upon my novel than my God as I end my days.

Father - Help me to daily spend time Thanking you for the blessings you bring. Help me to remember that you are my provider and my healer. Thank you Lord, for all that you do for me including little reminders in loud voices!

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