Saturday, November 28, 2009

Adventures in Hiding

Yesterday after the circus the family came home, Bright One napped while the rest of us played table games. Then we had dinner at a wonderful little pizza place. Upon arriving home we had some dessert and then something started.... an impromptu game of hide and seek. The girls chasing the Admiral around the house as he changed his hiding place over and over again. Giggles abounded. Soon I decided to join in. I know Love Bug saw me leave the room and put a finger to my lips but she says she didn't know I was playing too. Anyway, I hid in the guest room...they giggled in and out and never even checked beyond the bed. Then I moved to my in-laws walk-in closet, they came in shone their flashlights around... "where can mama be?" and they left. Then I moved to the regular closet in my mother in-law's office... Little girl's coming in to say "we can't find her anywhere!" then leaving without even checking the closet. They had found the Admiral and he was giving suggestions. Off they went to check the basement. I hear Bright One say "I just want my mama back!" I nearly gave myself away with my laugh. So while they checked the basement I moved one last time to Bright One's bed, under her covers. I hear them in the hall as the admiral says "well it is time to get ready for bed." Bright One says "Daddy we can't go to bed without mama!" Then she walks into her room and stands by the bed about 4 inches from me all the while telling her daddy all the reasons she cannot get ready for bed yet. Her sister is trying to tell her to look but she is too busy talking. When she does finally look she is shocked, overjoyed, and hugs me. It was great fun.

Later as I thought about the fun we 'd had it struck me that I am often like Bright One & Love Bug 'looking' for me - when I look for God. I look superficially without digging for truth. The reality or truth was they had passed with in inches of me over and over again. But because they hadn't gone deeper into the room or closet they missed me. Do I miss God because I do not take the time to look deeper? To mine His Word for truth? I think the answer is yes. How often do I miss  being intimate with God because I am too busy talking? Like Bright One 4 inches away from her Mama arguing with Daddy. What precious times we could have if I would just look.

God, help me to be quiet and look for you. Help me dig for your truth. Teach me to look deeper instead of just at the surface of people and lessons. Teach me to hunt for you.

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