Monday, November 2, 2009

Sunday night & Daylight

It is now 10:05pm on Sunday November 1st.

It has been a good weekend. Friday night was rainy and we decided to stay in and have family time. Saturday was spent uncovering my sewing area and putting together "Dance Monster" costumes for my girls... the "fur fabric" I purchased is shedding all over everywhere. Fuzz in my nose, all over my clothes, everywhere. But it was worth it. Though I was sewing up to the last possible second they were adoreable! Each place they went they danced a little.

We changed our clocks to "fall back" an hour last night. Well actually we did it today but we still made it to church on time despite the time change. However the result of this "time change" was full daylight at 7am instead of 8:15. I found this energizing this morning. Many folk I am in contact with really dislike daylight savings. I think this is partially because they did not grow up with the tradition, (Indiana has only had daylight savings for about 3 years) and partially because of the early evening darkness. I grew up with daylights savings time and don't really mind it. In fact I love the morning light. I usually adjust to the time change quickly. We will see.

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