Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Being Silly

    Today has been a very laid back and quiet day. There wasn't school in honor of Veterans Day. The girls and I have been bums, watched too much tv, ate horribly, colored pictures, read books, cut paper into a million smithereens, and generally vegged out all day. About an hour ago I realized they needed to eat something more before we went to choir practices this evening. They asked me for "squiggly noodles". This is what we call ramen noodles.  I know they are not healthy at all but we also had fresh apple slices. While they were eating I was away from the table when they started giggling and entertaining each other laughing uproariously. I listened from my desk. I do not know what was so funny.  I was mildly irritated they weren't eating quickly. However I was struck by how precious that silliness is. That laughter together as sisters. It was truly wonderful. We can be so strict about proper table manners and raising our children to be polite. But how wonderful was it for me to listen to this uninhibited laughter. The knowledge that my children do take joy in each other. How often do I give into the stricture of society to behave when I really want to delve into the silliness? Silliness is not for everyday, but now and then there is great joy and wonder in giving oneself to unrestricted goofiness.

Lord help me to not be so full of propriety I forget to have fun.

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