Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thoughts on Vetrans

Today is the day we set aside to honor our fighting men and women. I am sure every other blogger is out there discussing this. I am joining the bandwagon. From the beginning of our nation, we at home, have had privileges that so many elsewhere do not have. We are permitted to criticize our leaders. We are allowed to protest in defense of our beliefs. We are permitted to defend ourselves. We may worship as we choose where we choose. We may work to build a life of our own choosing. These rights (and others) are ours because someone died. Someone gave himself to stand up for the unpopular, the new country, the right to self-govern. In most cases those people did so willingly. In some cases they were compelled to fight by law  & government. Yet because of the men and women who stand guard around the world I enjoy incredible freedoms. Many soldiers come home physically, or worse, mentally damaged because of their service. I think often on this. I know many who though their period of service is painful to them they love, live,  and work to make their communities better without whining about the past. They do not discuss the fear, pain , terror, and loss that goes with military service.  Men and women who work to overcome because standing up for this country and our rights was/is an honor.

So I honor them. Thank You - to each person who has given themselves to serve our military, to serve us and defend our freedom. Thank You.

Thank You, Daddy!

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