Saturday, March 12, 2011

What is your passion?

If you were guaranteed you wouldn’t fail (or look goofy) what would you LOVE to do?

Kat at Inspired to Action issued this challenge. I have thought about it all week. What would I do? What is my passion? Is it possible to have multiple passions? I have so many things I enjoy. So many things I can excel doing. So much to choose from.

I would love to make money creating events (weddings, fundraisers, banquets, etc.) for folks. I would love to be a resource speaker / writer and be in active ministry. I would love to work at a living History site (like Colonial Williamsburg) sharing stories and history with the public.

There are so many things that interest me. I find myself waffling between dreams. Which is the one? Which will be the most fulfilling, in the center of God's will?

This brings up another chain of thought. I own a small home business with amazing potential. I love the people part of my business. The being with people. The prep work and the bookwork is an annoying side note. I know, KNOW, I could be wildly successful if I would just apply myself. How to motivate myself? My up line has asked me again and again "What will motivate you?!?!"  The answer is.... "I have No Idea."

So back to the original question :
             If you were guaranteed you wouldn't fail ( or look goofy ) what would you LOVE to do?

What is you passion?     and      How do you find it?

Lord show me the passion you have for me. Show me the motivation to go after the dream that is your will for my life!


Krista said...

I feel like my passions and dreams are beginning to come together. Except other things continue to push into my list.

Have been steadily working toward my dream of publishing a book. Blogged about growing into church leadership this week. Then was invited to become a mentor, another lifelong dream. And yesterday, had the homeschooling dream dropped back in my lap.

Feeling overwhelmed by dreams and passions this week. All I can do is look steadily toward Jesus, let him be the rock and not let all these exciting possibilities take away my anchor.

Chuck said...

Good implicit point. We choose our passions. Passion is a choice!