Friday, March 18, 2011

Sick, ick, ugh, and getting moving again

Last weekend I got ahead on my writing. I was so excited. Then on Wednesday I woke up sick. Vicious headache, sore throat and other yuck. URGH! Now 2 days later I am still not 100%. But I am tired of trying rest unsuccessfully.

When something scuttles my momentum like this I find getting moving again a struggle.  So this morning I got up. Late. But I count it success. I got us out of the house with help and shockingly on time. I will count this success again. Not only that, I also have everything I needed to take with me. I am sitting here trying to remember what to do next. I hate it when my brain doesn't work like I think it should. Struggling to focus. I made a  to do list. I know there is more to go on it. But for the life of me I cannot think of what.

Then I see the daffodils that signal spring for me. They lighten my heart and remind me this is not forever.

Lord, Guide this day. Give me clarity to move and accomplish what needs done. Bless you Father for all that you are. Thank you for all that you are!


Janet Rose said...

Hope you're back to 100% soon! Setbacks are killers for my momentum, too...I pray you'll find your mojo again and keep on your way like before the ickiness set in!

Janet Rose said...

Nice photo of your daffodils, too!