Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pizza parts

My family has reached a delightful life stage. My oldest is voraciously reading everything with words on it and finishes her library books the day she brings them home. The five year old is sounding everything out anytime she sees letters. This place is wonderful. Love Bug loves to escape into books. She dives into stories, swimming through them, discovering new places! Bright One is a kindergartner who desires to read like sister. She wants to read it herself. Accomplishing this goal  is coming quickly and she loves sounding out words and then asking what they mean. Watching our daughters develop a love of reading is a joy. This process is also leading to some quite hilarious moments.
Last evening on our way to a family night at the girls school we stopped at a stoplight. Bright One began to sound out the large letters on the billboard out her window.

Bright One "aaa ttt Oooo"
Me - " "au' says  'ahh' "
Bright one " Aaahhh t t t ooooo,  Auto? Mama? is it Auto?"
Me - "yes love it is Auto"
Bright One - " zzzzzzz  aaaa  nnnnn, auto zaan?"
Me - " No there is an e on the end so the O says it's name"
Bright One " OH! yes "zzzOOOnneee, Auto Zone? What is that?"
** Cue Light Change***
Bright One "ppppIZZA!" ( just catching the p in parts as we are pulling away )
Me (answering the earlier question) " They sell parts..."
Bright One - "PIZZA PARTS!"
Me - " Ummm No, Car parts."
Bright One - " Mom it didn't say car parts.'"

So I went on the explain that auto is short for automobile which is car. And that there would be no pizza involved at all. She was very perplexed. Her father and I worked very hard to not bust out in laughter.

What an amazing blessing! The gift of Laughter and Joy in a little one's new found skills.

Count your little gifts today and be aware!

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