Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NO! No! No! no! NO! no!

   Bright One is trying to define her role. Love Bug is always calling ALL the shots when they play make up games. Bright One wants to participate in the creation of the game so much. It causes a near constant tension between them. The tension thickens even more when Bright One decides "No, no, no! I'm not doing it your way!" Her sister gets frustrated and whines "I never get my way!" At which point I come unglued and send them to their respective corners with orders to do something NON- interactive.
    The truth is Love Bug usually does get her way, Bright is usually very compliant and they are both in the wrong. I remember being the rotten, selfish, big sister, always conniving to get my own way. I do not like the reflection of myself in my children. I wish I knew how to teach the gift of playing together with out controlling one another. It frustrates  me that I do not know how to instill an innate love of others that spills into play. What joy they could experience if they would loose that need to control every aspect of the game.
    But then again, is this season something that must also be endured? Do they need to go through this to grow them up into empathetic women, conscious of others? I don't know the answer, In the meantime I am praying that they find a way to play on equal footing, jointly designing the games.

Lord God, Give me wisdom to be a good Momma and the knowledge to guide these girls to grow up compassionate women!

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dcgulley said...

Don't fret, they will both grow up to be strong loving woman, because they have had you, my love, as their example! Hugs to all three of you amazing females!