Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First Steps - 31 days of intention

      Yesterday, I chose to be very intentional about school. We did ok. Everyday is a journey. Our journey yesterday felt rocky to me. I know that we all have off days and new beginnings can be rough. But, Dang it! I wanted to be able to say "Hey! This living with intention makes days easier, the day has flow, we accomplished all that we set before ourselves to accomplish." Alas, I cannot say those things to you. That would be grossly misrepresenting how our day went.  Yet, in speaking with my girls, their view of the day was radically different from mine. Pixie said "It was a good day, Mama. I liked it." It seems that our first step into being intentional was a positive one in their eyes.
       First steps are always challenging. Babies take one or two steps, then PLOP! on their bottoms. You learn a new skill and the first few times you do it you feel awkward and out of sorts. You start a lifestyle change and you stumble. Then you pick yourself up and try again and again, until you aren't stumbling anymore but walking with confidence. This adjustment time isn't always exciting. It isn't always fun. But it is important. Taking time to commit to a new beginning and to yourself, even through the speed bumps helps to build your confidence. 
       Today is day three. I return to being intentional with our schoolwork. We have a meeting out of the house and piano lessons so getting our schoolwork done will take an extra measure of discipline. Being focused on the task at hand instead of having my attention divided between my stuff and their work will be the order of the day. That always means tasks take them longer to complete because I am not helping them to focus. Today we will do what we set out to. We may also make some time for something fun as well.
Lord I ask for your hand on our day today. Would you guide me, us? THank you for the honor to stay home and teach these two precious hearts. Thank you that you are big enough for my days and my problems. Thank you for reminding I do not have to be perfect the first, third or twentieth time I do something.   Caite

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