Monday, October 8, 2012

A little late.... (Day 5 & 6)

Intention. It is a wonderful thing. It gives purpose, direction, and helps establish a path to your goal. It can also be an added stress. Occasionally we (read "I") can allow important things to fall by the wayside in order to reach a goal or to follow through on an intention. This is going too far in the other direction. If you lack intention, you drift aimlessly. If you overdo the purpose, then you begin to ignore other important tasks or activities. I am a little late on this post.

I am writing in the wee hours of the Friday night / Saturday morning. I am writing now because follow through is important. In my hustle and bustle to get ready to come on this retreat, finish Friday's school work with the girls, leave something in the crock-pot for their dinner, etc, I did not get to my intention of writing and scheduling posts for days 5, 6, and 7. I was feeling pretty emotional about this earlier, then like a bolt of lighting, God said "Did you live with intention today? Did you leave your family cared for?" WOW. Yes and yes. I think, when I take on a goal like this or losing weight or whatever, I can be too single minded. I can get so focused on that specific purpose that other things fall by the wayside.  Today I chose not to wear myself out.

So my lesson for Day 5 & 6 is relax. Being intentional is important. It is also important to be balanced in our activities and choices.

Lord help me to be balanced today in the choices I make. Caite

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