Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top Ten Reasons to Get up and Moving

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

I have been lollygagging... What I mean is I have been getting up, eventually. Then put-zing around and eventually making breakfast. We might start lessons before lunch- maybe. These are my top ten reasons to get moving.

#1. Less confusion. When we get going in a timely manner in the mornings my girls know what is expected of them. This is far less confusing than playing for awhile, then doing a little bit of work then off to make believe. Then getting "rudely" called back to lessons. This is the way our days have been going when we do not get a solid start. We just sort of float along. Not good.

#2. More Momentum. Starting early or on time gives us good momentum to accomplish much throughout the day. Starting late means playing catch up all day.

#3. Different Energy. I have observed that when I am up and at 'em and have school pre-planned. I am able to stay positive even when the girls are frustrated with a lesson. I am excited about teaching and can give them excitement about learning. Not so much when we are behind.

#4. Better Attitudes. When the girls know what to expect there seems to be less shove back, less arguing. Their attitudes are more positive and we have WAY more fun!

#5. More time.  I know everyone has the same 24hours. However our best work gets done in the morning. If we do not start until eleven... we run out of quality focus time.

#6. More Fun. IF we get our book work done, there is time to make cookies, do extra science experiments, make special arts projects. Getting moving means more things that make Home school a blast!

#7. Flexibility.  Planning ahead allows me to have the flexibility to plan special days, or more relaxed days.

#8. Better eating schedule. I am working on eating healthier. However I am rarely hungry when the girls are especially when we eat breakfast late. This is a challenge. Getting up and getting breakfast earlier really helps me keep a healthy food schedule.

#9. Sense of Accomplishment. When I am on top of things and we get our schoolwork done with time to spare I feel like we have conquered something. We have accomplished the goal I set out. That is a terrific feeling.

#10. I feel better. Satan likes to beat me up when I "fail". Let's face it I beat me up too. He just encourages it. So my number ten reason to get up and get going is it makes me feel successful and not overwhelmed by the bigness of the job.

Getting up and getting moving, Just do it.

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S. said...

I do better with a schedule....always have. As a stay at home mom I am an expert at getting off track but if I can get us all up and going we all tend to do better. I'm currently attempting to get up and do some DDR before people get up as I find I'm more energetic and awake if I do .. :)

Amy said...

Good list--I like the concept of "different energy" and I so agree! I just never knew what to call that! Thanks for giving me words :-)

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

I really need to get better at getting my act together. I agree that when I'm better prepared for school, the whole day just goes better.