Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Return from a Far Place

Lessons, A Journey, and the world changes again.

In returning to writing, I feel awkward and stilted. The words are not flowing smoothly  from my mind. I am so out of practice and tentative. Still, I must begin. Every journey begins with a step.

Life has been wild this year.

I have decided not to go on and on about all that has happened over the summer and fall.  I am starting fresh today. This place is my place to share the things the Lord is teaching me day by day. I will also share our lives. I will share some of my struggles and many of my joys in the journey that God is leading me on! I do want to share updates on two things, home schooling & my business.

This year the Admiral and I decided that the time had come to try homeschooling. I was so freaked and nervous. Could I really stay organized enough to pull off my girls schooling? Did I want to "give up" my "free" time?  I prayed and prayed. Then decided that this was where God was leading me/us. So we started in August and I will tell you a secret.... I LOVE HOMESCHOOLING!  We are having such a great year! Life is simpler somewhat. We get up when we wake up and our schedule is smoother and less stressful. T is getting to invest a lot of practice time in her piano. It is so exciting to listen to her  play. Pixie's reading has just taken off like a shot. I get to be on the front lines of their lives.  This is not always easy but I am so glad I chose to do it. Each week is an adventure I look forward too.

Around the time I decided to home school and I also entered into the process of setting up a new company with two precious friends. It had long been a dream of mine to have my own business doing events and project management. Several important people in my life asked "What are you thinking?" others thought it loudly in my direction. I was thinking that here was my opportunity to grow my dream and be with my kids too. I think my thought was that I could work in a more structured way and still keep my priorities in line. The dream took off at lightning speed.  My partners and I spent the last 7 months birthing this amazing company. The Lord has blessed our efforts and the company is taking off. Yet through the building success I have begun to feel like the rope in a world class game of tug of war. After searching my heart and pestering God for a few weeks  I decided to resign my partnership in the company and focus on my priorities of God, husband, children and their schooling. This was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. It was the right decision. I can chase my dream when my little ones are off chasing their own dreams.

I have chosen to pursue my writing while I minister to my husband and kids to the best of my ability. I am praying that I will listen more closely and be less distracted by the shiny things.

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