Tuesday, November 22, 2011


      Since I feel like I am beginning again, sort of, I decided to refresh the blog's appearance.  So a new header picture, colors, and background. Check it out!

      Whisper to the wind came about because I had felt the Lord pushing me to write. Felt it for a long time. I finally stopped fighting him and decided to obey. I chose a public blog because I wanted the accountability. During this past hiatus there were 3 wonderful friends who very gently but regularly reminded me that I should be writing. I am so thankful for those precious friends. The gentle reminders that they wanted to hear from me again made coming back so much easier. You three know who are. THANK YOU!

      Looking toward 2012, My goal is to post at least once each week. I thrive on feedback, so publicly or privately, please let me know your thoughts on the things I write. My purpose in writing is to share the things God is teaching me through major milestones and day to day adventures.  Please feel free to send questions or suggestions for topics.



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Patrick J. Moore said...

Glad you are back to blogging. I like the new look, but the image seems more of harnessing the wind rather that whispering to it. Also want you to be aware that I'm still having to type in a pop-up box with one of those verification word thingys. I remember when we talked about that before, and hope mine is fixed to not do that anymore.

I may have to relaunch my blog too. I've had some ideas, and also thoughts of recycling my poems into the blog itself so I don't have to write so often and people can actually tell me what they think of the poems.

Keep up the great writing, Caite!