Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vacation thoughts

Some vacations are structured. Some are free flow.  We are on day 3 of a no plans vacation. The kids are starting to get a little stir crazy. I don't blame them. The farm is an exciting and wild place to play. But it has rained, and rained, and rained. Sunday night Grandma took the girls to the barn to feed the animals and somehow they all ended up in the creek!

Mud was everywhere. They had so much fun! Amazing what a muddy creek and grandma's sense of adventure will do for boredom. Yesterday, more rain. We stayed inside hanging out, playing Barbies. The girls even talked Pap Pap into watching "Despicable Me". It was a fun family time.


     The plan for this vacation was to veg out as much as possible. Visits to the Great grandmothers must be accomplished before we head home. The Admiral is upgrading Grandma's computer system as well. So today to ward off the boredom monster, we are doing some workbook pages,  having some reading time, and a scavenger hunt. My idea being to give the girls a list of clues like "a large pile of rectangle shaped red building supplies" They have to figure out where this is on the farm and take a picture there. ( answer: the old brick pile ) Then I will make a collage of their pictures. :) They are hyper excited about this adventure! I have 15 places for them to discover. Nothing fancy just fun. Tomorrow I will post the clues and the pics of the hunt!

      I look at them today and realize that too much time without plans is HARD. Hard like constantly planned activities.  I think perhaps this is because we get our selves stuck in a rut of comfortable activities. Then sooner or later they aren't satisfying any more. The challenge is conquered. It is possible that this why the Lord leads us into new areas when we are seeking His will in our lives. Challenge and learning, digging deeper to know Him more! Looking into the future, I am excited about where God is leading. I am nervous too. I haven't walked this road before. Can I really do it? This feels weird. Like a new shoe. God is Leading, I must trust Him. God made me and He believes I can do the tasks He has set before me. So lets go!  A new adventure, plan something, don't float and be a vegetable. Go. Seek. Follow. The adventure will find you.

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