Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring is misbehavin'

Today ( April 1st ) is a wonderful 45+ degrees outside. A light springy breeze is blowing. It is lovely. Earlier this week that was NOT the case. It was a COLD wind. Barely 38. Cold, Cold, ugh. It is interesting to me how much more miserable it felt now since we had experienced a few warm spring like days. Wednesday we had to scrape a hard-ish frost from the van windows. As we were driving to school, T says "Mom, why is the weather behaving so much like winter when it has been spring for a whole week?" The exasperation  in her voice nearly making me laugh out loud. We live in NE Indiana. It is still March. Warm, cold, warm, cold is just the way it is.

Yesterday I was sharing the cuteness with my mom. She had snow Tuesday night at her place so I will be thankful it was just cold here. But as we were talking she said something that really made me think. "What if spring wasn't a given?" What if we couldn't count on it getting warmer at a specific time? What if the sun just didn't come up one day? We, as a culture, complain and complain. We cannot change the weather. If we don' like the weather were we are we shouldn't whine about it. We should move. The truth is I love winter. But I dislike being cold. Especially on gray rainy days. I like the more temperate summers. I take spring for granted. People want everything to suit their wants at just the moment they want it. I want to choose to be thankful for the snow and rain that fills up the water table. Thankful for the sun the continues to shine and warm the Earth so flowers might spring forth.

My daughter's memory verse this week fits this idea perfectly. "Be joyful  always. Pray continually. Give thanks in ALL circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18  No matter what the weather.... be thankful. Having a horrid day? Be Thankful, count the blessings even if you have to strive to find them. Something good happen? Be Thankful. Do not take His blessings for granted.

The spring is coming. All because our God keeps his promises.


Chuck said...

For us NE Indiana wheat farmers this recent cold weather was a blessing. Winter had so suddenly turned to warmth that we thought we weren't going to get nitrogen on the wheat when the wheat needed it.

This unexpected and blessed cold snap let the fertilizer trucks roll in the early mornings when the ground was frozen enough to support them.

Cold and warm, rain and sun. Each one a blessing.

Caite said...

You are absolutely right! Each one is a blessing!