Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Scavenger Hunt

Yesterday we went on a scavenger hunt to find stuff around Grandma and Pap pap's farm. Check out our adventure!

 The Beginning! Complete with funny faces from T.
 #1 "I grow on a tree that is always green!"

Pixie exploring down the hill in the ravine.

#2 Silent and Gray, I am all that is left of animals that lived long ago.
We hunt for fossils on the creek bank.

 Look closely this rock has two fossils.

"We must stand on these rocks and look tough!"

#3 We are red and piled high, shaped like a rectangle and used for building to the sky.

T guessed the answer was a brick and Pixie found the pile!

#4 Gold and Gray, we like to "neigh" to hello and how are you today?

Annie & Shadow happy to see us - so long as we give them dinner

#5 Quiet and fun, where mousies like to run. I store the bales the Horsies like.

HayLoft Fun!

# 6 Many steps have I that lead up high, climb you might touch the sky.

They love walking about on the barn roof - testing their nerve!

 #7 Loops & loops water I spray to wash the dirt away

The hose

#8 With pride I reside on the side of a box where your food stays cold all day

Fridge drawings
#9 Woosh! you go when I am dressed in white.  - The sledding hill next door!

I love these pics!

#10 Some think I am sad as can be, but really I'm a beautiful Tree

The neighbors' Weeping Willow tree

#11 Slides and Firepoles, fun fun fun, Lots of kids have played in me!

Play house 

#12 filled with hay and tractor pulled , I give a good ride - one of many wagons at the farm.

#13  A Prize  on wheels A pink signature makes me special

Grandma's MK Car!

#14 The place you arrive, where puppy greet you and customers stop by

#15 A room where beauty is the rule, Grandma works to make folks look cool!

The MK Office!

Making memories


Janet Rose said...

Looks like your girls had alot of fun on the scavenger hunt. I love the poetic clues!

brmom92 said...

That's awesome! Glad you had a great trip!