Thursday, September 30, 2010


Audience Participation Post

Thankful is defined as follows by Merriam - Webster:
1 : conscious of benefit received thankful>
2: expressive of thanks <thankful service>
3: well pleased : glad thankful that it didn't rain>

 The practice of being thankful has been greatly neglected in recent years. I find I need to be very intentional about being thankful. When I do this and  I consciously choose to thank others for small kindnesses, they are often surprised or flustered. Has the habit of saying a genuine "Thank You" become so out of vogue that it makes people uncomfortable? For my part, I find that when I deliberately work on showing thankfulness, on being thankful in my heart, I am happier and more contented. No one can make you happy. You must choose to be or not to be. When I am thankful for all the big and small things around me - It is easier to feel happy. Being thankful helps build up the positive in your soul.

So, I have a challenge and a request for you. Each week I will give a challenge and ask for your response. This weeks challenge is: For 2 days spend 10 minutes at days end journal-ling the things that you found throughout the day to be thankful about. Write down at least 5 things. Big or small it doesn't matter. Be thankful. Then post a response in the comments about how this practice impacted your outlook.

Thanks friends!

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John said...

I believe you have a thankful journal from your sister and she hasn't seen it back yet! How is that going :-) I am thankful for you!

Actually from Linn