Monday, March 8, 2010

Life Lessons......

Life Lessons…

You know the sayings….

Things your mother or grandparents said over and over and over ad nauseum? “your face will freeze that way” “if you do not use your head, you’ll have to use your feet” “those clothes will not put themselves away” “what? Where you born in a barn? Shut the door!” Etc.

Sayings and phrases you swore you would never say to your own kids… and yet you do. I am amazed whenever I open my mouth and one of these sayings pop out. I think “Oh goodness I am my mother!” (which, by the way, isn’t a bad thing – my mom rocks!) I really want to be my own person, why am I spouting my grandmother’s words? Why do I fall back on my mom’s tidings? Why does this happen? It happens because there is wisdom in those sayings. There is truth there. An age old wisdom contains truth that applies to our lives. They are based IN truth. These life lessons are the reality that “there is truly nothing new under the sun.” “Your face will freeze that way…” Think about this. We all know the people who seem to frown all the time and have done so so long that it seems difficult and strained when they do try to smile. They have ‘frozen’ frowny having trained their face to frown.

These sayings of life range from silly to profound. Most of the time we pass them off as trite and general. But every now and then these truths pierce to our very souls. The wound of this piercing is still very fresh and sore so I will wait to share until after I have processed a bit more. But I wanted to write and remind you to pay attention to the life lessons in the word of your heritage. We should not blow off the ‘wives’ tales’ and ‘mom sayings’. There is truth in them and God can pierce your soul if you will listen.

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tumbleweedgirl said...

and i actually said to zaya 'if you don't work, you don't eat'

i'm my dad all over again!