Monday, January 25, 2010

11 Months to Christmas....

Life, I have discovered, is all about perspective. Yesterday was very warm. Today it is again as it should be in January, flurrying... and gray. I drove the girls to school this morning with a bit of an attitude. My mental conversation with God went something like this:
Me - " I wanted to sleep in more Lord."
God - " and?"
Me - " you could have made it snowy enough for a delay. If it has to be gray anyway..."
God - " You are whining."
Me - " hmph."

My perspective was lousy. We arrived at the school and the girls cheerfully pinky - waved at the counselor and hugged me as they went off to class. I went into the school office to fill out a form. While I was in there one of the ladies came around the corner and said in a hyper excited voice " Only 11 months 'til Christmas!!!!!" She was being silly. But it is true.... we have 11 months until Christmas. How wonderful to celebrate God's Gift to us!  Every day we need to be thankful for a new day. The gift of learning. Thankful for getting up healthy. Thankful for a change of perspective and a gray day.

Thank you Father for the reminder...


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Janet Rose said...

The boys and I discussed Christmas this morning too...what a blessing we received when Christ was born, died and rose again! What a challenge it is to make every day a day of rejoicing, but oh so worth it.