Sunday, October 17, 2010


Every life, like every year, is made up of seasons. Fall is a contemplative time for me. I watch the vibrant colors erupt as the leaves change with the season shift. I marvel at the creativity of God.  As the physical world undergoes change I look at myself.

I am in such a different place this year. It is the same house, the same town, the same state, yet I am different. I am calm. I am planning my days. I am actively seeking the Lord and His teaching in a deeper way. I want to know Him. I want Him to be enough. If all of the abundance were gone tomorrow - Would God be enough for me? I pray so, Lord!

I am turning my thinking inward a bit this year. There are so many things I think I need to change or improve on... But what does the Lord of heaven say of me? Ephesians chapter 2 verse 10 states "For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Whoa. I am God's masterpiece? I am God's masterpiece created in Christ for goodness! So who am I to decide what I should change or improve? Am I an artist greater than the Master who designed creation?  Umm No, I am not. This passage defining who I am in Christ rocked my brain. What I put my hand and mind to do should not be about me, should not be based on my wants. What I choose to do each day should be for Him, His kingdom, and His children!

I am amazed to find that I keep setting goals and asking God to bless my goals. Asking for Him to motivate me. Then I realize this may not be His plan. Conviction settles gently onto my shoulders. I do not feel guilty per se. Challenged would be a better term. Challenged to reach toward Him FIRST. Challenged to wait upon Him rather than jumping into the deep end and then asking for the stamina to be able to survive the pool.

In this season of change, take a glance inward and begin a new discipline. Seek the Father first that your endeavors would be God inspired and directed.

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lindakruschke said...

Caite, I like how you have been inspired by the change in seasons to look inward. And I love this line: "I want Him to be enough." I can relate to that. This year I have been thinking more about Him being my all and abundantly more than I need. Peace, Linda