Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Apple Challenge

I had an apple for my breakfast. A huge Honeycrisp. So sweet, very crunchy - in short delicious. I was thinking about what an amazing creation the apple is. Our God is extremely imaginative. The apple is an extraordinary example of engineering. As I enjoyed this gift from my creator, I reveled in the bounty of His goodness.

The Challenge this weeks is to post what reminds you of God's amazingness. Why does that thing speak the greatness of God to you?

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P.J.M. said...

On the canvas that spans further than eye can see: At times subtly lit by soft beams from a bright crescent reflecting on sparse wisps of cloud, as bright glints of sparkle contrast with the deepest purple-blue; Another with rows of endless rows of pink-purply-fluff as the fiery orb rests blazing oranges and reds to tint all else; Often bright blues, behind piles of white sudsy stage, where dragons take flight, elephants roll with giggles, and unicorns dance the ballet; On occasion ominous intimidating darkness with towers of black illuminated with white jagged steaks of unbridled power as torrents of glistening jewels pour down; And yet again the softest, gentlest of blue expanse with prismatic streaks and halos of glory… The sky in all its huge vast beauty often captures my mind and reminds me- of the smallness of me and the grandness of my Lord.