Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Technology is a good thing.  We can stay in touch in new ways, have calculators, cameras, and phones all in one device. What a blessing and a distraction.  Our family got a "Chrome Book". I am loving this little laptop.  It is lightweight.  A good mix between big enough to type on and see and small enough to take along easily. Of course the downside is I want to play with it and not fold laundry, unload the dish washer and other very important tasks. Balance is everything. Perhaps I have gotten in rut. Haven't I talked about balance in the past? Oh. Rabbit trail.  I am glad we got this device.  It is convenient and goes with me easily.  I can work on this while the children use my desk top for school work.
Then I also have my phone. It is a tool, a resource, and a distraction. Like the chrome book, I can easily goof off for hours with just thus little box in my hand. I realized recently that I'm perhaps on it too much. 

What am I modeling for my kids?

All these gadgets that make life "easier ". Maybe they do. But they also eat time, use resources, and distract me from my tasks, my kids, and my God.  Please don't mistake me, I am not saying those gadgets are bad. They're not. But my attitude regarding them? Sometimes it is bad. Sometimes I do not need to finish the level. I do not need to check Facebook. I do not need to fiddle with the gadgets all the time any more.  Recently I had a wake up call. We were doing spelling. I give her a word, the child writes the word, and we make sure it is correct and move on to the next word. It was taking forever. I thought it was my daughter poking along. All of a sudden "Mama, this takes forever when you are on your phone at the same time." Turns out reading on my phone is too much distraction between words. Auugghh!

I  need to model a daily quiet time focused on my heavenly Father. I do need to focus on the tasks at hand, instead of floating through my days enticed by this gadget or that one. I am the queen of "Should".  I should fold laundry. I should have started dinner sooner. I should get up and workout before the kids get up. Should.  should. should. Guilt, guilt, guilt. Gadgets are great and useful tools. Remembering to use them as such is a challenge then I beat myself up for too much distraction.

How to move forward?  Well, for me it  is pencil and a piece of paper - a focus list. Choosing to own my mistakes and my choices and deal with the consequences without beating myself up. Working to make better choices next time.  I am finding that if I can forgive myself, let go of the self imposed guilt, and move on making the better choice is a little easier the next time.

What are your distractions? How are you working to overcome them? Where do you need help to do so?

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